Terschelling has a so-called 'ribbon' development, where the villages are built on a long road from West to East. There are some roads from south to north to the bathing beaches and summer house areas, cycle paths through the dunes, polder and along the Wad. You cannot drive the island on a round trip by car or bus, you go back and forth on the same road. And the great thing is that you are always near the sea. The true island feeling.

Below an overview of all villages on Terschelling


As the boat turns into the harbour, you meet West-Terschelling, the gateway to your destination Terschelling. The Brandaris lighthouse, which stands as a beacon here in the middle of Terschelling’s biggest village, has been greeting seafarers...
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West aan Zee

West aan Zee is an area consisting of vacation accommodations. There's also a hotel and at the beach you can find a beachpavilion which is open throughout the year. The area can be reached by car and bicycle, following the bicycle path along...
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Hee is a small hamlet that lies between the two largest villages on the island: West Terschelling and Midsland. Characteristic is the so called 'Duinmeertje' (a lake between the dunes). The dune lake was formed in 1962 because sand was needed...
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Horp is the name of a terp (mound) on Terschelling. It's next to the hamlet of Kaard, which lies between West Terschelling and Midsland. On top of the terp you can find a farmhouse built in 1885! 
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Kaard is a hamlet on Terschelling island, consisting of a handful of farms along the west side of Kinnum and Baaiduinen. Kaard was still called Kaart until 2009 and has approximately 14 inhabitants.
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Kinnum is one of the oldest settlements on Terschelling. Currently Kinnum has about 40 inhabitants. The name of the village was already mentioned in a deed of the Frankish king 'charlemagne' in the year 922. Northwest of Kinnum lie the...
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Baaiduinen is a village next to Midsland. Baaiduinen is surrounded by a number of small, but much older settlements: Kinnum, Kaard and Horp. Baaiduinen is considered the youngest town on Terschelling, as it was only recognized as an independent...
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This hamlet was built near an old discharge sluice in the Wadden dike, and was given its Dutch name "Seerijp" or "Zeerijp" because of it. The discharge sluice was removed after land consolidation of 1948. Striep has been its official name...
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The second largest village is located near the centre of the island. Old Terschelling can be found in the shopping area around Meslânzer Church. This cosy village, with its rich history, is a beautiful place to enjoy spending a several hours....
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Midsland Noord

Midsland Noord is the area north of Midsland which consists of vacation properties. In addition, a few amenities such as restaurants, a fishing equipment store, souvenir shop, and liquor store are located here.
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Midsland aan Zee

Midsland aan Zee is an area consisting of vacation accommodations. The area has no homes for permanent residents. At the beach you can find a beachpavilion which is open throughout the year. The oldest holiday homes were build in the...
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Landerum is pronounced with an accent on the 'an'. Behind the dyke at Landerum, is where the first pioneers came ashore and sought sustenance on the beautiful Landerumer heath. That heath was important for hunting rabbits, finding berries, and...
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The Koffiemolen (Coffee Mill) is a distinctive building in the town. It's the only windmill on Terschelling. Originally, it stood in the hamlet of Dellewal near West Terschelling, but was purchased by the miller of Formerum in 1876 and transported...
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Formerum Noord

Formerum Noord is an area that consists largely of vacation rental facilities, as well as campsites, chalets and caravans rental. There is also a fast food establishment, and an equestrian club with a paddock.
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Formerum aan Zee

You can find Formerum aan Zee (Formerum at sea) at the end of the Badweg Formerum. This area lies at the beach and there is just one hotel. Only in summertime you can find there also a beachtent! A bunker complex is located on the west side...
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Lies is located between Formerum and Hoorn. The town consists of a center of farmhouses and houses along the Terschellinger main road. The oldest farm on the island is next to the road in Lies. Its name is Admir, and it dates from 1662. Lies might...
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Hoorn is home to fascinating buildings and inhabitants. Next to 13th-century St John's Church, you see the 'Sjouw'. This ball was hoisted to indicate to farmworkers that is was time for lunch. These days, lunch or dinner can be enjoyed in one of...
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Oosterend is the village farthest east on Terschelling, and closest to nature reserve De Boschplaat. This European nature reserve is a true feast for the senses, drawing your eyes to the ever-changing shapes of the dunes and channels. On top you...
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