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When collecting information, VVV Terschelling pays a lot of attention to its correctness and completeness. And sometimes the information comes from third parties. The content of this website is checked as carefully as possible and updated daily. However, it may happen that some information is outdated or incorrect, or that information is missing.

VVV Terschelling is not liable for the consequences of using this website. Nor can any rights of any kind be derived from the content of this website.

The texts and graphics on this website may not be made public or reproduced without written permission from VVV Terschelling.

When is the booking final/no right of withdrawal (cooling off period)

An agreement with VVV Terschelling through a booking via this website is concluded online when the main booker, after he or she has agreed to the conditions and has made his or her booking details final, receives a message on his or her screen that the booking is final. came into being.

VVV Terschelling will send a confirmation by e-mail to the main booker immediately after the booking. The confirmation is deemed to have reached the main booker when he or she has been able to take cognizance of it, or when he or she can reasonably be deemed to have been able to take cognizance of it.

We would like to point out that bookings made via the internet are final. The so-called 'cooling off period', which is referred to as 'distance buying' in the law, does not apply to holiday trips that you book through our site.

VVV Terschelling works with assessments. Guests who have made a booking with VVV Terschelling and have given a rating, the results of the assessment (figures, comments, etc.) will be shown on the site of VVV Terschelling at the relevant accommodation for which a rating has been given. During the assessment, only the residence is shown with the period that the residence was occupied by the guest. The name of the guest is emphatically not shown, although this information is known to VVV Terschelling.

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