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The Koffiemolen (Coffee Mill) is a distinctive building in the town. It's the only windmill on Terschelling. Originally, it stood in the hamlet of Dellewal near West Terschelling, but was purchased by the miller of Formerum in 1876 and transported to Formerum. These days, it houses a coffee bar. In the Middle Ages, Formerum was considered the largest and most important town of east Terschelling. The village is often named Viveporten (Five Ports) in documents from the Middle Ages. The name appears to refer to a monastery which once stood here.

Formerum is also the birthplace of Willem Barentsz, the famous explorer who attempted to find a route to East Asia by crossing north from Siberia. Willem Barentsz spent the winter of 1596-1597 in a cabin called "Behouden Huys" (Safe House) on Nova Zembla, made from driftwood. One of the typical Terschelling farmhouses, the Spylske Huus, was built in 1759 and is a monument. The farmhouse has one long, continuous roof ridge with a distinct curve. The farmhouse is at the south end of Formerum.

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