Experience the true island feeling on Terschelling

Bunkers on Terschelling

You see them all over the island, traces of the Second World War that draw the landscape: the bunkers. On the beach, in the forest, as a holiday home, you see them in all kinds of places. A few of these impressive concrete structures have been...
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Take the boat to Terschelling

The boat between Harlingen and Terschelling is operated by shipping company Rederij Doeksen. Every day, MS Friesland and MS Willem Barentsz bring many passengers, cars and bicycles to the island. The crossing takes about two hours. On board...
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Places of interest on Terschelling

There is much to see on Terschelling. A special nature with multiple faces. Old historic buildings, art and much more. You probably need more time to see all the beautiful things on Terschelling.
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Cycling on Terschelling

Cycling on the Wadden island of Terschelling Terschelling is excellent to explore by bike. There is an extensive network of cycle paths that will take you to all the beautiful places on the island. You can bring your own bike, but...
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It is so wonderful to experience that fantastic island feeling together again. You are most welcome on Terschelling. Time to make new memories! There is plenty of space for everyone. So, feel free to make yourself at home, because Terschelling is...
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Nature | Excursions and activities

Out and about! On Terschelling, you always feel that you are on an island. You are never far from the sound of the North Sea and the smell of the Wadden Sea. 80% of Terschelling consists of nature. And the nature is quite diverse; there are...
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Delivery and collection

All restaurants have limited space and you need to make a reservation. There are several restaurants where temporary collection and delivery is now possible. Via the link below you get an overview.
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Holiday home on Terschelling

From the dune to the polder or at the beach. Search in the most complete range. Book your holiday home now at the most beautiful places on the island.
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See and do

See and do on Terschelling. An extensive island is waiting for you. Enjoy the true island feeling on Terschelling. Nothing is necessary, anything is possible.
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Holiday on Terschelling

You celebrate your holiday on Terschelling. On Terschelling you experience the true island feeling. Wherever you are, you taste, smell, see or feel the sea. A vast island with charming villages and fantastic nature. Really completely gone. Grab the bike outside the dikes along the Wadden Sea or through the dunes. Endless beaches invite to wonderful beach walks. Whether you are alone, with family, friends or with children, there is much to see and do.

Book a stay at Terschelling

Book a vacation on this beautiful island. An extensive range of holiday homes, hotels and campsites. Easily book your stay online. There are many types available. From a luxury bungalow or apartment to a wonderful hotel. You can choose from hundreds of different accommodations. You can book your crossing to Terschelling right away. Want to know what there is to do? Look at the events or book an excursion. The anticipation can already start. See you soon on Terschelling.

More tips

Bicycle rental companies

Easily rent your bike on Terschelling. There is a suitable bike for every age. Click here for an overview of the bicycle rental companies.
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Restaurants Terschelling

Enjoy all the local tastes that Terschelling has to offer. Choose from the many cozy restaurants.
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Nature areas

Terschelling is known for its beautiful and especially varied nature and nature reserves. The nature reserves of Terschelling are largely managed by Staatsbosbeheer. At the bottom of this page you can find more information about these nature...
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Typical Terschelling

What's the name of that village on Terschelling, where can I buy the delicious Terschelling sheep cheese that we recently ate in that nice restaurant. And where are the "Beelden uit Zee" actually? On this page you will find all villages on...
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Christmas holiday on Terschelling

Terschelling is the ideal place to celebrate your Christmas holiday during the winter. Around Christmas there is much to do on the island. Come and end the year on Terschelling. Look below to see what is still available during the Christmas...
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Spring break on Terschelling

Begin your year with a fresh start and head off to an island in the spring for a peaceful experience. Long walks on extensive beaches, cycling or just doing nothing at all. Experience the true island feeling on Terschelling. Below you can...
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Easter holiday on Terschelling

Get away from it all during the Easter days? Celebrate your Easter holiday on Terschelling. Easter falls on 12 and 13 April in 2020. Below a selection of accommodations that you can still book during Easter.
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Book an overnight stay during the Fjoertoer

On March 26 you can again participate in the Fjoertoer. If you want to stay overnight during the Fjoertoer, it is useful to book a stay in time. View the available accommodations and book your overnight stay quickly.
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May holidays on Terschelling

During the May holiday everything on the island starts to bloom again. Nice cycling through the dunes and along the heath. Long walks on extensive beaches. Experience the true island feeling on Terschelling. Below is an overview of accommodations...
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