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You can find them around the whole island, tracks of World War II that define the surroundings: the bunkers. On the beach, in the woods, as a holiday accommodation, you can see them on various places. A few of these buildings were recreated in the old shape. This allows you to go back into a rich history.

The Tigerstelling
West-Terschelling played an important role in World War II. On the island you find the Tigerstelling, a bunker complex in which the battles in the sky above the Wadden islands is made visible again. In the visitor centre, maquettes and a movie visualise the function of this building. With the bunker map you can walk past all the buildings that are present. Especially for kids, there is educational material. Tickets for the visitor centre (without a guide) are available without reservations at the centre itself.

Guided tours
The guide brings you to the heart of a few redesigned bunkers. Here, you experience the life in a bunker and hear about the dangers in the time of War. The guided tours allow 16 participants so it is wise to reserve a ticket beforehand. The duration of the tours are approximately two hours and are not suitable for smaller kids.

Also elsewhere on the island, in the middle and east, bunkers can be found. In the dunes of the village Formerum, on the beach and in the forest of Hoorn. for example, at the Folkshegeskoalle. In this building, even sleeprooms were built on the fundaments of the bunkers. Moreover, there is a special towerroom.

A bunker route was made with which you are able to explore the area outside West-Terschelling. Additionally, you get tips for the exploration of other bunkers on Terschelling. Do you want to walk this route and stay multiple nights on this beautiful island? Look what is available and make a reservation.

Or go to the website of the bunker museum Terschelling.

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