Walking routes

Terschelling has many beautiful hiking trails for endless walks. Here we have highlighted a few hiking trails. A walking booklet is available at the tourist office.

How about a historic walk through West-Terschelling? A walk along the bunkers of Terschelling? On the road in Oosterend? You can walk here for hours and just determine your own path in a vast nature.

Walking network on Terschelling
Stichting Sporen in het Zand has developed a walking route for Staatsbosbeheer. The island is now literally open to explore, without you having accidentally chosen the hard-to-walk path, or you cannot walk the route because it is simply too long.

The so-called junction posts have been placed at strategic points, making it very easy for the walker to deviate from his route to continue another route. In this way our guest has become flexible in his classification of the kilometers to be walked. In addition, the route helps to find the right path for the right wishes.

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