De boot naar terschelling

Take the boat to Terschelling

The boat between Harlingen and Terschelling is operated by shipping company Rederij Doeksen. Every day, MS Friesland and MS Willem Barentsz bring many passengers, cars and bicycles to the island.

The crossing takes about two hours. On board you will find places to eat, such as a self-service buffet, a restaurant catering to children, a bar, and an a la carte restaurant.

The Tiger and the Koegelwieck are two comfortable high-speed boats that take you to and from Terschelling in about fifty minutes. They also operate between Terschelling and Vlieland. Cars and bicycles cannot be transported on the high-speed boat.

Partnership with Shipping Company Rederij Doeksen
The partnership between the shipping company and VVV allows you to make your ferry reservations on this VVV website, after you complete booking your hotel or cottage!

If you book a special package through the VVV Terschelling, you will enjoy a 20% discount on passenger transport on the ferry service. Your confirmation contains a discount code that can be used when booking the crossing. This discount is only valid with an arrangement. These packages are mainly offered in the early and late season.

Departure to Terschelling
The ferry terminal at the ferry harbor is the departure point for both Vlieland and Terschelling. You can buy tickets at the counter, but it is advisable to make your reservations online in advance. You can easily do this while booking your stay on this VVV website, but you can also reserve tickets at the shipping company itself.

In either case, tickets will be sent to you directly by email. At Harlingen you will not be required to wait at the ticket booth, but can walk straight to ticket inspection and board! You can also reserve tickets by calling +31 (0)88 9000 888, or buy them at the terminal. But be warned, tickets do sell out! In order to facilitate boarding, please arrive well before the ferry is due to leave.

At the Harlingen ferry terminal, you can enjoy a refreshment at Grand Cafe Promenade. If the weather is nice, you can sit outside on the terrace. Baggage lockers, lavatories and a vending place for bus tickets are available. Train tickets must be purchased from a vending machine on the platform.

Taking your car to Terschelling
Are you bringing your car? You must make reservations in advance on the VVV website or Cars can only be transported by ferry and not by high-speed boat. Motorists must check in at the car counter at least 30 minutes before departure. Your car will be parked according to size. To keep things moving smoothly while embarking, please follow instructions by employees.

Taking your bicycle to Terschelling
On the ferry, you can bring your bicycle with you. You can book this in advance. Cyclists board through a special entrance for bicycles, and then via the car deck. Your baggage, strapped to your bicycle, can be brought on board.

However, we recommend renting a bicycle on Terschelling. Numerous bicycle rental facilities on the island offer an amazing selection of brand new bicycles, electric bicycles, cargo bicycles, etc. An advantage for you: if anything breaks, you are assured of quick replacement!

Luggage is placed in the free trailers positioned behind ticket inspection. The trailers are numbered, so that you can find your luggage quickly once the boat arrives. If you are traveling by high-speed boat, you will take your luggage on board and place it in one of the special luggage containers. Do your require assistance? Land staff are happy to help.

Arrival on Terschelling
On arriving at Terschelling, luggage trailers are first to leave the ferry. You must carry your own bags on and off the high-speed boats.

On the Terschelling harbor square, taxis and buses are ready to take you to your destination. Some bicycle rental facilities at the harbor will take your luggage to your accommodation if you rent a bicycle from them.

Going to Terschelling with a group
If you register a group of fifteen people or more, you will receive a discount for your ferry ride to and from Terschelling. For additional information, visit the website.

Are you interested in bringing your company employees to the island? VVV has all the information you need to start preparing for the trip

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