Fiets langs de waddendijk

Cycle along the Waddendijk

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Terschelling is the perfect place to explore by bike. The island offers beautiful paths that lead you to all kinds of places. The one that leads you over the Waddendijk is a cycle path you should definitely try when being on Terschelling. If you have the wind in your back, you can ultimately enjoy the mudflats and the beautiful nature. You will cycle between sheeps and hear hundreds of birds on the mudflats and from the polder.

The Wadden Sea has been declared a World Heritage Site because it is a unique and dynamic landscape. The difference between low and high tide is fantastic and it is the living area for 10,000, often rare, plant and animal species. In addition, the dike is grazed by sheep and lambs and is a mecca for birdwatchers. On the route there is no lee and there are no shelters. It is therefore wise to check the weather forecasts beforehand.

Would you like to discover all the beautiful places of Terschelling that are accessible by bike? The cycle route along all unique viewpoints will help you. Handy to take along with you on the bike. Or cycle through the history of Terschelling with the booklet Wonderlijke Waarheden.

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