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Wadden Sea World Heritage

The most unique landscape in the Netherlands, and it is literally at our feet...
The road to Terschelling leads over the Wadden Sea, an area with a unique landscape and exceptional nature. Salt seawater flows in twice a day from the North Sea, and just as often large parts of the Wadden are completely dry during low tide. Sand plates are created in this way, which are separated by more or less deep channels. The word wad comes from the Latin word vadum, which means "fordable place".

The shallow and relatively warm water of the Wadden Sea is an ideal habitat for many plants and animals. Seals get their young, fish put its calf off and birds prepare for their annual migration. Because of the special character of this area, UNESCO placed the Wadden Sea on the World Heritage List in June 2009.

On the wadden side of Terschelling, a cycle path runs along almost the entire length of the island on the outside of the wadden dike. You cycle here along a World Heritage Site that always shows a different face. Behind every turn a new surprise awaits. It is not for nothing that this area has been chosen as the Most Beautiful Nature Reserve in the Netherlands.

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September 25 – October 2, 2022

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