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Planning on going to the beach for a nice walk or to enjoy the sea? Then surely grab a bag at one of the beach crossings. During your walk, you can show yourself from your best side and spoil nature a bit. How? By doing your bit for a cleaner nature.

Stichting De Milieujutter is a non-profit organization, established with the aim to clean the beach and the dunes of Terschelling and keep them clean from undegradable litter. Help to keep the beach of Terschelling clean. If you are interested and would like to join us in beachcombing, please call for an appointment. Or go to a random part of the beach to do some beachcombing. Then you deposit the found waste at a beach post and give the location (post number) to the organization by phone. Then the Milieujutter will take it away.

For the kids
Go on a discovery tour of the island and collect the DNA of Terschelling. What is more fun than making your own souvenir. With the Juttocht you fill the test tubes with natural elements that you find on the island. For example, with sand, seawater or pine needles. Or maybe find the craziest things on the beach.

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