MTB and fatbike on Terschelling

With a fatbike or MTB, you can enjoy the nature on Terschelling and explore beautiful places. However, it is important to consider the fragile nature while you are cycling. The following points are important:

  1. Cycling on bike paths and wide walking paths is always allowed;
  2. Do not cycle on paths narrower than 50 cm and never outside of the paths;
  3. On the beach, cycle along the water line;
  4. Do not disturb resting groups of birds on the beach;
  5. Be considerate of other recreationists and give each other space.

The dunes are an important nesting and living area for birds. On the beach birds breed on the dry parts. Therefore, do not cycle here. Many of these nesting breeds are very sensitive when it comes to disturbance. If you come too close to a nest, they will abandon it. Outside the breeding season, nature is used by birds to search for food and to rest.

MTBing is only allowed on the wider trails. Paths that are narrower than 50 cm are usually not considered to be official paths. Intensive use of bicycles makes them wider and therefore, even busier. This leads to more disturbance of nature: do not use the narrow paths for cycling activities.

Cyclists on an MTB are guests of nature on Terschelling, along with other recreational users. Footpaths are mainly used by walkers and rider trails by horse riders. Please bear this in mind as a cyclist and pass others at an appropriate speed, moving aside if necessary.

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