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The Kraken

Immerse yourself in an enchanting world full of stories!

They say the Kraken is a gruesome sea monster. That with ease, it pulls entire ships to the bottom with its meters-long tentacles. With crew and all… Don't believe a word of it! In the animated film presentation The Kraken, this mythical giant octopus is actually a gentle, wise guide. His voice guides visitors through a magical underwater world full of ancient tales. Stories about relationships between humans and legendary sea creatures, between humans and the Wadden Sea.

In the newly renovated Nature Barn in Lies, Production House Spinbarg presents the continuous film presentation The Kraken. The presentation is a frame story with ten short animated films, which are shown in a special spatial installation designed by Peter Musschenga. He created an exciting underwater world with abstract shell shapes, in which the films are shown, and 'seagrass eyes' from which music and sea sounds emanate (a soundscape created by David Marcel de Jong from Groningen and Tristan Visser from Terschelling).

The animated films of The Kraken show how humans have been trying to live with the tempestuous sea nature since ancient times. How it often goes hopelessly wrong, but also how much beauty can emerge from it. All films are based on old stories from the Dutch, German, and Danish Wadden Sea area. They are beautiful and exciting stories, but that is not the only reason Production House Spinbarg has taken them as the starting point for the presentation. The stories also tell a lot about the way we relate to the sea and nature.

Date: March 10th to June 16th
Location: Nature Barn Staatsbosbeheer (Lies 33, Lies)
Duration: 45 min
Language: Dutch, English, and German

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