With the dog to Terschelling

Terschelling is a wonderful island for dogs. Nice run on beach and through forest. The animal must be on a leash in the polder and within built-up areas. During the two-hour ferry crossing from Harlingen to Terschelling, the dog can go outside on deck. It is not possible to go on deck with the dog on the fast boat that takes around 50 minutes. Check the website www.rederij-doeksen.nl for more information about bringing your dog.

Click here for an overview of accommodations where pets are allowed.

Where can the dog run free?

On Terschelling your dog must always be on a lead, except on the beach and in the forest. Your dog can roam free here, if under apple.

In the polder it is tempting to let the dog run free. However, it is precisely here that this is out of the question. The sheep that are walking there, especially during the lambing season, are very sensitive to stress and the farmer can be greatly affected by this if it goes wrong with the 'pregnancy' of these animals. Of course there are also many bird species that breed in the polder who also want to raise their youngsters undisturbed.

There are also wild animals and grazing horses and cows in the dunes. Again it is best to keep your dog on a lead.

We thank you for your understanding!

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