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Go count stars in the dark

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On Terschelling it is really dark! Therefore, de Boschplaat is the first Dark Sky park of the Netherlands. The Milky Way and the stars are really dazzling here!

Dark Sky Parks are areas of the world where nighttime darkness is at its best. Here, people are invited to come and enjoy nature. You really don't need a telescope to admire the stars. The Milky Way can be seen well with the naked eye in clear weather, and even better with ordinary binoculars! All you have to do is to go out. On foot, with or without a guide, on horseback or in a covered wagon, during the Night of the Night for example.

More information about Dark Sky Park de Boschplaat can be found here. (NL)

With the Dutch planisphere for 52 NB (and for any area between 47 and 57 NB), you can discover for yourself which stars are in the sky.

Order your planisphere for Terschelling here >> (NL)

Or order the book Terschellinger Nachtleven >> (NL)

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