Klim in het drenkelingenhuisje

Climb het drenkelingenhuisje

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On almost the most eastern point of Terschelling you can find the drenched house (drenkelingenhuisje). On the vast beach at Paal 23/24 you look out over the sea from the stairs of this structure. You can also take a look inside this former shelter for drowning people.

In a letter from the Minister of Interior Affairs dated September 13, 1865, the wooden building erected on four posts - an emergency shelter for survivors of shipwrecks on the Boschplaat - is officially approved.
As most shipwrecks happened here, it was important to have a place for survivors to spend their first hours.
In 1953, the cabin was severely damaged and almost lost. The VVV at the time (Terschelling Vooruit/Let's Go Terschelling), was convinced the structure still had a purpose in providing shelter. The VVV symbolically purchased it for one guilder. The building was thoroughly restored by the VVV, but following a storm on February 16, 1962, it disappeared forever.

The cabin was rebuilt by the Cultural History Association in 2000 at Marker 25, including the globe signal and signpost. The original posts on which the shipwreck cabin stood, are once again visible today.

In the winter, you can visit it by beach taxi, or after a brisk stroll. In case you decide to walk, don't forget you also have to walk back!

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