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In addition to a special nature, Terschelling has many more sights to offer. The harbor of West-Terschelling, built in the Dellewalbaai (bay on the low shore), is the only natural bay in the Netherlands and also one of the most beautiful in Europe.

And of course you can't overlook the Brandaris in West-Terschelling, the lighthouse that has been a symbol of the island for over 400 years and stands out above the rooftops.

Nature reserves
Nature reserves are scattered throughout the island in many places. The varying landscapes ensure that you see many different things in a short time. For example, one moment you are cycling through the forest and the next moment you are in the polder.

Monuments and statues
Terschelling has several beautiful buildings with monumental status. The commander's houses (captain's houses in the Commandeurstraat on West) are a good example. But also Willem Barentsz, the explorer born on Terschelling, has been immortalized in a statue in Formerum.

From the high viewpoints you can get an extra good view of Terschelling. Whether you look out over the village of West-Terschelling, the bunkers or the forest, each viewpoint shows you another side of the island.

Special places
Besides the beautiful landscapes there are other special places to visit. Like the harbor in West-Terschelling or the Dwarsdijk in Oosterend. These can also be special buildings like the Drenkelingenhuisje or the Wierschuur.

Below you will find an overview of the attractions on Terschelling.

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