In 1868 an important discovery is made on Terschelling. Franciscus Holkema, a Frisian son of a pastor from Oldeboorn, who studied Mathematics and Physics in Groningen, discovers a plant in the dune plains on Terschelling: Vaccinium Macrocarpon, aka the cranberry. Probably a ship north of the Wadden Islands lost one or more barrels with cranberries during a storm. In the nature of Terschelling the cranberry finds a suitable breeding ground.

It is likely that a ship north of the Wadden Islands has lost one or more barrels of cranberries during a storm. In the nature of Terschelling the cranberry finds a suitable breeding ground.

Strawberries from the picking garden

In Oosterend, strawberries and other various berries are grown sustainably. In the summer months, you can pick these, and more summer fruits, at Zelfpluktuin Groenhof (picking garden). In this way you collect your own healthy snacks in an environmentally friendly way.

Bogelder bushes occur in various parts of Terschelling. The bird cherry consists for the biggest part of its pit. This large pit gives the drink its special taste. Cherry brandy and wild cherry beer are made from it.

(Homemade) Bonbons

Islander flavors are also represented in delicious homemade chocolates. Scheerman Ijs en Banket in West-Terschelling has created a line of 15 flavors of chocolates from various regions of the island. A piece of background information is included in a nice booklet, which broadens the atmosphere of the island and explains the choice. The chocolates are made of high quality cocoa. Also in the Ouwe Smidte in Midsland there is a wide choice of chocolate bonbons with various fillings.


Bee honey is still a Terschelling product from the wild. Because of the varied vegetation of the island there is a rich honey flow. The bees fly on different kinds of honey plants, which results in many kinds of honey as well. One of these species is the sea lavender honey. The sea lavender honey grows mainly on nature area the Boschplaat. The salt-loving plant gives the honey its very own aroma.

Duindoorn syrup

The sea buckthorn berry (Hippophae Rhamnoides L), is a healthy berry that can be picked yourself in the Netherlands. Not only the berries, but also the leaves are useful. For example, for making tea. You would put the bright red berry in your mouth because it looks very attractive. It is better not to do this, as it will result in a sour face.

In the past, children from the dunes were warned about the berry. They were told it would make them sick. But the opposite is true. The berry is bursting with vitamin C, carotenoids, polyphenols and flavonoids. Therefore, birds love it as well.

The Sea Buckthorn syrup can be used very diversely. Use it as a dressing over a salad, in yogurt or through ice cream and of course in lemonade.

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