Terschelling koeien in de wei wolken zon

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Sheep and lambs are entering the island more and more in the recent years. The quality is very good. The salty atmosphere gives an extra dimension to the lamb. It tastes tender and has a specific salty, distinct flavor.

A product, made with the best ingredients and smoked on birch wood. At Schaafsma's butcher shop they also sell their own smoked sausage, made from island beef. This homemade smoked sausage has been awarded with gold several times, including in 2021. It can't get any better, can it?

The biggest part of the meat eaten on the island comes from the mainland. Especially in the summer. Nevertheless, you can find island beef at a number of farms and at a butcher's, who slaughters everything himself. The varied plant growth and the salty touch in the island grasslands certainly contribute to this. Since a few years there are also a number of Hereford cows grazing on Terschelling. The meat of these cows is also very tasty.

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