Broodwinkel Boltsjekoer 0

Bread and pastry


Delicious vanilla-flavored shortbread cookies in the shape of the Brandaris or the island.

Bread from Terschelling

Be surprised and choose Wadden bread or sugar bread with cranberries. Sold by various bakers on the island, deliciously fresh for breakfast or between meals.

(Stuffed) Pondkoek

A typical Terschelling treat is pondkoek (pound cake). The taste of this cake is a bit like speculaas and taaitaai. Each baker has his own secret recipe. The mixture of spices used is not known. There are two types of pound cake. The "ordinary", in a light or dark form. This is delicious for coffee and tea and just to take in between meals. The festive pound cake is made with a layer of spice in between. On the top there is a layer of icing with whipped cream or buttercream. It is often decorated with chocolates, sugar candies, or other festive treats.


Potsjekoek or potjekoek is a spice cake in the shape of a turban. The cake is available in three different flavours and versions. Neutral, with ginger or with cranberries.

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