Parking and accommodations at Harlingen

Tsjerk Hiddes long-term parking

Follow signs for "Parkeren Harlingen" and you will reach the secure Tsjerk Hiddes parking facility. The parking facility is open from the arrival of the first ferry until 8:00 pm. During preseason, peak and postseason, including Christmas, spring break and fall break, the parking lot is open from one hour before, to one hour after the ferry arrives.

Call +31(0)517-413527 for more information, or +31(0)517-413527 or go to .
Rates: price per 24 hour one passenger car € 7,00. It is not possible to make reservations.
The shuttle service costs € 1,50 per person for a one way trip. Prices are subject to change.

Parking Garage Harlingen

This parking garage located near the ferry terminal is for short-term parking. Rates are max. € 9,00 per day (7:30 am - midnight) and € 4,30 per night (midnight - 7:30 am).
For more information, call +31(0)517-420103 or visit

Accommodations in Harlingen

Hotel Zeezicht, Harlingen
If you are planning to stay in Harlingen a little longer, why not stay at Holland Hotel Zeezicht Harlingen? It is just two minutes walk from the ferry terminal. It is uniquely situated on the Oude Binnenhaven (Old Interior Harbor) at the heart of Harlingen, in the monumental building "Het Zeekasteel" (The Sea Castle).

But there are more possibilities to stay overnight in Harlingen.Check: VVV Harlingen

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