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Much has been written about Terschelling and many subjects have been described in books. There are also many stories, documentation, novels, poems and travel guides. Read about the cranberry, the history, current news, the Lutine, Boschplaat, the island guests or check out the walking and cycling routes with background information about the island.

Traditional costumes

Terschelling has known prosperous times. But this was by no means always the case. This forced the islanders to adopt an austere lifestyle. The traditional costume that the women used to wear is proof of this. It was a solid, practical costume, characterized by simplicity in cut and colors. Black was the predominant color, because the risky shipping made people mourn for a long time. There has never been a specific men's costume. In order to create uniformity, VTV therefore chose a costume based on the going-out costume of a captain around 1860.

Terschellinger folk dancing

Part of folklore is folk dancing. In many places old dances are only mastered by members of folk dance associations. On Terschelling this is not the case and besides the VTV (Vereniging Terschellinger Volksdansen) many 'ouderwetskes' such as the Jan Pierewiet, Hakke Toone and the Flip are performed. During the dancing there is often also singing.

Seasalt (smoked)

The fish smoker, Hans Ditzel, discovered the smoked sea salt. Many combinations of different island woods, fineness and thickness, moisture content, young or aged plus a few more very important (secret) operations have produced the natural blend for this beautiful salt. It is a beautiful Guerande Sel du Mer from France and is brought here once a year by a sailing cargo ship, without engines. Hans Ditzel then applies his magic to it. The result: a beautiful product from the island, made with love. And you can taste that!

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