Huifkartochten op terschelling

Covered wagon tours on Terschelling

Where can you make a more beautiful covered wagon tour than in the beautiful Terschellinger nature. There are pleasant, educational and adventurous covered wagon trips for young and old. Go along 'Op e riid', as it is called in Terschelling. A must-do if you really want to experience Terschelling!

There are still real three-horse carts to Boschplaat, as it used to be. Lovely nature with a real bakkie leut from the wood fire on the way. Picnic basket, a jutter, a playmate on the goat. Enjoy.

Nature Tours
In the spring you can take a covered wagon trip to the seagull colony, or you can go fishing for shrimps on the beach by horse and carriage, or go beachcombing along the tide line. Or learn all about life in the duck decoy. For those who prefer to ride themselves there are riding horses for rent.

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June 25 – July 2, 2022

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