Trouwen op terschelling

Getting married on Terschelling

Many people choose the beautiful Terschelling as a place to get married. Is this due to memories of a holiday love, a romantic beach walk at full moon, the cozy bars?

The love between bride and groom has often sprouted during the holidays on the island of Terschelling. It is therefore not strange that they choose to marry on Terschelling. And one thing is certain: Terschelling is a special place to give each other the YES word!

Marriage on Terschelling is allowed everywhere
You can get married anywhere on the island. So on the beach, in the dunes, in the woods or getting married at home with family or friends. It is all possible if a number of conditions are met. These conditions can be read on the website of the Municipality of Terschelling (Dutch).

Fixed wedding locations

The municipality of Terschelling also has various real wedding locations where the wedding can be held: the Town Hall, the Baptist church in the Molenstraat, on tug Holland, in the Westerkerk and the Brandaris lighthouse. All these locations are located in West-Terschelling. View here the locations and conditions (Dutch).

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