Vlag van terschelling

Flag of Terschelling

The five colors of the flag of Terschelling can be found everywhere on the island. But what do these colors stand for?

The flag of Terschelling was established as the flag of the municipality of Terschelling by a council resolution on October 27, 1961. The colors are derived from the Coat of Arms of Terschelling.

A rhyme has been made that symbolizes the unique values of Terschelling in the five colors of the flag. The rhyme dates from 1932 and was made by Mr. Gerrit Knop. On Terschelling you can also find the Gerrit Knoplaan, coincidence perhaps?

Read bin de wolken,
Blaue is de lucht,
Geel bin de helmen,
Griën is et ges,
Wyt is et sân,
Dat bin de kleuren fan Schylgerlân.

'Sân' is Terschellinger dialect for sand, 'Ges' for Grass and 'Schylgerlân' is 'Terschelling'. This is pronounced as: "Skielingerlaon" (or in short Skielinge). So you don't hear the g, in contrast to a Frisian: When he speaks about Terschelling, you hear him say 'Skielge'.

Red are the clouds,
Blue is the sky,
Yellow is the culms,
Green is the grass,
White is the sand,
These are the colors of the Schellingerland.

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