Februari jutmaand op terschelling

February: Jut month on Terschelling

Guusjen! After this, the islanders rush to the beach: there is a ship in heavy weather and maybe there is booty to be had! Beachcombing is in the blood of the people of Terschelling. This jute fever dates from the days when there was no tourism on the island and people lived from what the land and the sea had to offer. As soon as loot was washed ashore - at first mainly wood - people were quick to grab it.

The sea is a source of stuff and tall tales. Stories about drunken goats, gold and other treasures. And not so long ago, bananas, sneakers and lost containers made the news.

Tales from the beach
In February, come and find stories at the Island Girl in Oosterend or during the special Story Evenings of Terschelling Vertelt. This year on February 18 in Hoorn and February 25 in Hee.

Treasures from the sea
Visit the Wreck Museum during the spring vacations. This fun museum is home to countless objects from the sea and just as many stories. As a wreck diver, Hille van Dieren has collected everything from wrecks and jut finds. From portholes of the OKA 18 to crockery from the Thasos, you can see it all here. Part of the farm itself was built with wreckage from the Cyprian.

Also 't Behouden Huys has a special collection that you can admire.

Jutten today
Of course jute fever still runs through our blood. In 2019 it only became painfully clear that in addition to valuable items, an enormous amount of garbage can wash ashore. Modern beachcombing is therefore also called Environmentalcombing. That means: cleaning up the beach together and making sure you leave the island even more beautiful. Pick up a garbage bag at a beach crossing or go on an excursion with the environmental journalist. Everyone can participate. Fun, useful and educational.

New beachcomber's route

At the beginning of February there will be a new beachcomber's route available for you at the VVV Terschelling. A route full of special locations and stories that will take you all over the island by bike. From West to East the past can still be seen and experienced. Order online now >>

The red gold

The cranberry is also essentially a beachcomber's booty, although the beachcomber who found the barrel of berries was not at all happy about it. He thought he had found a nice wine but he tasted only sour berries. Grumpy, he kicked the barrel into the dunes. There the berries found fertile soil and now we can enjoy many cranberry delicacies on Terschelling.

And more...

There is much to see and to discover. Come get a breath of fresh air and create beautiful memories.

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