Dichter bij Zee

Terschelling can make a poet's heart beat faster. That is why this event is organized every year, a poetry festival in the Meslânzer Church, Terschelling. Islander poets and a guest poets read their own work.

On Saturday, May 18th, for the first time not only island poets but also mainland poets will take the stage for the latest edition of Dichter bij Zee. It promises to be a special evening full of poems centered around the love for Terschelling. Before the intermission, Marianne Hart, Frans Schot, Meindert Schaap, Ina Schroders, Pieter Spits, Henk Tameling, and the twelve-year-old (!) Emma Siemeling will take the stage; after the intermission, it's guest poet Kees Spiering's turn. The performances will be musically accompanied by violinist Dick de Graaff.

Date: May 18, 2024
Location: Church Midsland

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