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Concert West Aleta

Concert West Aleta Singers

The men's choir 'West Aleta Singers' was founded on January 27, 1974.
The choir, led by Sjoerd de Boer, has more than 50 members, including some 'originals'. The repertoire is broad. The choir sings songs about the sea, spiritual, popular and classical songs, not to mention a number of Terschelling songs.

Calendar 2024

Spring concert
April 18: Time: 20:00h, Location: ET-10 Midsland-Noord

Ascension Day Concert
May 9: Between 12:00 and 18:00 o'clock. Location: ET-10 Midsland-Noord.

Animal fair concert
September 12: Time: 20:00h, Location: ET-10 Midsland-Noord

Autumn concert

October 3: Time: 20:00h, Location: ET-10 Midsland Noord

Berenloop Concert

November 9: Time: 20:00, Location: Church in Midsland
Admission: voluntary contribution for the benefit of the church

The ET10 has no PIN. Only cash.

More information: https://westaletasingers.nl

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