The Berenloop, the most beautiful running competition in the Netherlands. In 2020 on Sunday November 1.

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Sun, 7 Nov 2021 | 11:30 - 18:00


The Berenloop has grown over the years into one of the largest athletics events in the Northern Netherlands. This is not only due to the beautiful trail that leads through the beautiful and varied nature of Terschelling, but also because of the fantastic atmosphere that prevails on the island during the Berenloop weekend.

In 2020 the 24th edition of the Berenloop is on Sunday 1 November.
The first edition took place on October 26, 1997, as a sporting conclusion of the theme year ‘400 years Willem Barentsz’. Willem Barentsz, famous seafarer and from Terschelling, tried to sail through the north to Asia in 1596. It became a monster tour with a lot of hardships and a forced hibernation between the ice floes on Nova Zembla. By hunting bears, the crew had enough food to survive the winter, and so the marathon got its name: the Bear Run (Berenloop).

Half the distance from the Berenloop offers runners a beautiful and varied route. Starting in West, the route leads over the Hoofdweg to the villages of Midsland and Formerum. Then it goes through woods, dunes and over the beach back to West. Along the way there is a lot of atmosphere and music and the runners are fully encouraged. 

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Sun, 7 Nov 2021 | 11:30 - 18:00



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As the boat turns into the harbour, you meet West-Terschelling, the gateway to your destination Terschelling. The Brandaris lighthouse, which stands as a beacon here in the middle of Terschelling’s biggest village, has been greeting seafarers since 1594. It is a lively place, with museums, shops, bars, dance halls, restaurants, hotels, wellness, a swimming pool, and the VVV Tourist Office.

In West, all the elements literally come together; it is where the sea licks the land. Then there is the ‘fire’ in the manned Brandaris lighthouse, which lights up the skies, surrounded by the scents of the mudflats. Every flavour and taste imaginable can be found in the shops and restaurants. 

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