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Scelling specialty beers

These special top-fermented beers are craft brewed and professionally aged. The beers contain barley amounts of malt and wheat.

Scelling Blond is a beer with nice, firm white foam, with the aroma of mostly vanilla, white pepper and some fruity notes. The main taste is soft sweet, full bodied with a moderate alcohol impression. Some stone fruit (peach and nectarine) can be detected in the aftertaste. A soft fine bitterness is elegantly present. In short, a gentle blonde with a very willing character.

Scelling Stout is a burgundy-colored beer with a firm, off-white head. It has a pleasant aroma with something of a pear and roasted nuts. The taste is therefore nutty with some impressions of chocolate followed by exotic fruit. This characterful beer has a nice finish with some hop bitterness and caramel.

Scelling Koan is an ochre-colored beer. It is soft in the mouth, fruity and with a spicy aftertaste.

Schylger Jutters-Bitter

Schylger Jutters-Bitter is an herbal bitter from Terschelling. It is a tasteful herb bitter which is drawn from herbs that have been growing in the dunes of Terschelling since ancient times. This bitter contains 30% alcohol. It is sold in liters in bottles of glass. Other quantities are sold in brown stone jars. The drink can be drunk pure, but is also delicious in cola or with coffee.


A Terschellinger drink that has a milder and sweeter taste than Jutters-Bitter, that is Syltsje. It is made on the basis of Beerenburg and is available at Lutine liquor store in West-Terschelling.

Warme ketel

A drink brewed from a mixture of warm beer, brandy and brown sugar. Pub owners and restaurateurs on the island like to use the occasion in the winter months to introduce you to the hot cauldron. The mixture is not entirely innocent, no matter how easily you drink it. So watch out!

West Aleta Berenburg

The West Aleta Beerenburg owes its name to the ship the West Aleta, which sank off the coast of Terschelling over a hundred years ago with a full load of liquor.

Wilde kersen bier

Delicious beer with wild cherries from the berries of the birdcherry tree of Terschelling. The berries are harvested in September and processed into a delicious sweet beer. Rose colored.


In addition to coffee and tea from Mocca d'Or, specialty store Nei de Oast also carries a coffee line under its own name: Nei de Oast. The first two coffees are Melange Willem Barentsz and Coffee Bean Plate. Willem Barentsz coffee is a blend of the best beans, while Koffieboonenplaat is a single-origin coffee from Java beans. All coffees can be had both as beans and ground.

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