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Latuil Wijnwinkel

In Midsland you will find Lidy Tuil's Latuil Wine Shop, where you can buy special wines and island drinks. Born and raised on Terschelling, Lidy shares her passion for the island and for unique wines and food. Would you like to try a glass of wine from Lied? Visit the Latuil Wine Shop or contact us for a wine and food tasting. Wine is Lidy's hobby and she is the lucky person who was able to turn her hobby into her job. She buys wines throughout the Netherlands, which is a challenging search because she is always looking for something slightly different. Her signature is personal sales, she selects the wine to suit everyone's taste. Are you ordering a glass of wine from Lied? She will then deliver your order to your home on Terschelling.


Heereweg 28a

8891 HT Midsland


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