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Victor Westhoff

Prof. dr. dr. Victor Westhoff (1916-2001) was one of the most influential naturalists and conservationists in the Netherlands. He was convinced that variety and richness in nature is partly dependent on human management. He conducted much of his research on Terschelling. In addition to the Boschplaat, various dry and wet dunes were also visited. One of these wet dunes was the Badhuiskuil, near West aan Zee. This is where his ideas about human management were applied. In the early years of his research, many rare plant species were found in the Badhuiskuil. By the end of the eighties, all these species had disappeared and everything almost completely closed up. In 1989 Staatsbosbeheer decided to excavate the Badhuiskuil down to the clean sand layer. Ten years later, Westhoff visited this place again and found the same rare plants again. That was the great example for the nature development that was subsequently set in motion in the other dune valleys. On March 18, 2005, a statue of Westhoff, made by Willem van der Velden, was placed at the Badhuiskuil. The statue can also be viewed in six other nature reserves in the Netherlands.

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