Strandpaviljoen Heartbreak Hotel

Elvis comes alive! Everything here exudes the style of the fifties and sixties, from the interior up to the music and food. 

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Einde Badweg
+31(0)562 448634


You can have a lovely relaxed drink here all year round, or something tasty for lunch. In summer you can also enjoy dinner at sea and live music. The menu is a combination of American and island ingredients, with items such as the Homemade Burning Love Burger XL and the Hottest Hound Dog. Check the website for the current opening times.


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Map & surrounding area


Oosterend is the village farthest east on Terschelling, and closest to nature reserve De Boschplaat. This European nature reserve is a true feast for the senses, drawing your eyes to the ever-changing shapes of the dunes and channels. On top you can experience real, dense darkness: in this Dark Sky Park guides will be happy to show you the wealth of this unique nature area.

To the north, at the end of the 'Oosterender badweg' you find one of the seven beach pavilions. From there you can also walk tho the iconic 'Drenkelingenhuisje', where once shipwreckers found shelter.


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