Sinnestriel Yoga

YOGA & MEDITATION ON THE BEACH OF TERSCHELLING Like the sea, we know within ourselves a movement of ebb and flow. The strong tide brings creativity, initiative and enthusiasm. The calm receding ebb current provides moments of rest, reflection and insight. Experience balance between the tides. EXPERIENCE THE SPACE AND PEACE OF THE ISLAND IN YOURSELF? Where? The beach of Formerum aan Zee. Right across the beach crossing. Collect at the beach flag 'Sinnestriel' and possibly take your bath towel/pillow with you. When? From Monday 24 July to Friday 25 August 2023 Yoga daily from 10am - 11.15am. Meditation daily from 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM Cost? Dana (generosity)


Badweg Formerum 6

8894 KW Formerum aan Zee


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