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Scheerman Ice and Banquet originated from (formerly) bread and confectionery in the Torenstraat. In 1972 the Scheerman family settled here to continue the traditional island bakery products in a natural way. The jar cake and pound cake recipes date back to before 1900. People still enjoy these products every day and more flavors are used and rediscovered. The taste of the islander cow, for example, is reflected in the artisanal ice cream. Full and creamy, with the addition of honest and island products. For this they have obtained the designation 'island gold'. The cranberry, but also sea buckthorn and the islander pound cake taste delicious in the full islander milk. The production of ice cream is not only fairer, but also sustainable because the milk is not processed into powder in between, but is pasteurized from the farmer's tank in the ice cream process. Many kilos of fruit are processed into milk-free sorbet ice cream from the islander dune water! Beautiful sorbets are put together for you. Islander flavors are also reflected in the homemade chocolates. Recently there is a line of 15 flavors from various regions of the island. Some background information is included in a nice booklet, which broadens the atmosphere of the island and explains the choice. The bonbons are made from high quality cocoa. Scheerman's pastry is a real treat at parties. Many wedding cakes and birthday cakes have passed through his hands. The trick is to understand how you as a birthday girl want your cake to taste and, above all, how you want it to look. there is even a wedding cake in the shape and proportion of the Brandaris! 'At your service' is the life motto of this baker. And in the Terschelling way they say: 'Scheerman makket wat smakket'.

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8881 BS West-Terschelling


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