Praktijkspeuren Xplore Dog Tracking

Practice Tracking is suitable for all dogs. Regardless of race, age or whether or not previous detective experience. All dogs follow their noses. During practical searches, we work out a human trail and the sniffer dog is offered the scent of this person in advance. The one who is 'wanted' walks down a route and hides at the end of the track. Then your dog gets to work, along with you! The goal is to find the missing person as quickly and effectively as possible. He learns to (continue to) follow one specific scent and to ignore all other nice smells from humans and animals. Your dog is put to work mentally and physically and learns new skills. This requires a high concentration and a lot of brain work. Of course from the dog, but also from you. This tracking training offers quality time for owner and dog, together you strive for success. The result: a satisfied dog and a happy, proud owner. The instructor provides the necessary equipment and the structure of the activity. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: € 42,- Dates: by appointment (to be agreed)


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