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In addition to various types of bicycles and scooters, Haantjes Rijwielverhuur also has a car rental service. The beautiful island of Terschelling is ideally suited to explore by bike or on foot. Nevertheless, there are plenty of situations in which the temporary availability of a car offers a solution and makes the stay on Terschelling even more enjoyable and complete. Think, for example, of a day of bad weather or when you have difficulty walking, then a rental car is the solution. You do not have to take the car on the boat and are therefore much more flexible in the crossing. Often you are not only easier, but also cheaper! Haantjes has 5-seater electric cars that are extremely suitable for the island. Check the website for more information and reservations.


Willem Barentszkade 23

8881 AA West-Terschelling


Important to know

The rental car can be picked up at the Haantjes Rijwielverhuur location at Willem Barentszkade 23 on West Terschelling (diagonally opposite the ferry terminal).

The assurance of:

VVV Terschelling

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VVV Terschelling

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