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Since most of the shipwreck was at this place, it was necessary that the survivors could save themselves during the first hours. In 1953 the house was badly damaged and in danger of being lost. However, the then VVV (Terschelling Vooruit) thought that it still had a function (as shelter) and became the owner for 1 guilder. The building was thoroughly renovated by the tourist office, but in the storm of 16 February 1962 it disappeared from the scene for good. The cottage was rebuilt in 2000 at the initiative of the CultuurHistorisch Vereniging at pole 25, complete with signal bulb and signpost. Later the house was moved 1.5 kilometers to the west. In winter you can visit it by beach taxi, beach bus, fat bike, covered wagon, 4x4 or just walking. In the latter case, don't forget that you also have to go back.

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