Horseback riding
De Prairie, Shetlanders en IJslanders

For all children Pony fun on the Prairie during the school holidays! Brushing, petting, cuddling or walking with a woolly Shetland pony (and your parents!) in the box or through the woods. Adult supervision required, reservation not necessary. Advanced riders take the tough Prairie Pony morning ride with a gallop; through the forest, dunes, beach and with a cozy picnic. That is by appointment. Depending on the season also pony quests or excursions Herd watching. The older people can make long trips all year round with tough Icelanders through the rugged islander nature. Beach, dunes, polder, forest; they know the nicest paths on De Prairie. Along the way, the guides will tell you enthusiastically about the nature around you and of course about the special horse breed, the Icelander. By appointment for advanced riders of min. 14 years and max. 80 kg. In addition, workshops with and excursions to the Prairie Herd.


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