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You will find them all over the island, traces of the Second World War that mark the landscape: the bunkers. On the beach, in the forest, as a holiday home, you see them in all kinds of places. A few of these imposing concrete structures have been restored to their original state. Here you step back into an eventful history. West-Terschelling played an important role in the Second World War. Here you will find the Tigerstelling, a bunker complex where the battle in the air war over the Wadden Islands has been made visible again. In the visitor center, models and a film provide a vivid picture of the function of this 'radar position'. With the bunker map you can walk along the impressive buildings on the site and there is an educational treasure book especially for children. Tickets for the visitor center (without tour) are available at the visitor center without reservation. The guide will take you into the heart of a number of redesigned bunkers. Here you experience life in a bunker and you hear about the threats of war. Only 16 people are allowed on the tours. So book a ticket quickly. The tours last two hours and are less suitable for small children. The excursion requires a lot of walking. There are also bunkers elsewhere, in the middle and east of the island. In the dunes of Formerum, on the beach and in the forest near Hoorn. For example at the Folkshegeskoalle, the only still active Folk High School in the Netherlands. There even dormitories have been built on the foundations of bunkers and there is a special tower room.

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