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Bij de buren

From breakfast to lunch, foodstuffs, gifts and more. There is a lot to get at this new store and the last store on Terschelling in Oosterend. You can come here every day for fresh bread from the bakery and all your daily shopping, but also beach entertainment, craft supplies and toys. You will also find beautiful unique fair trade souvenirs, home decoration, crystals and precious stones. There is much more available such as clothing, care products and island products such as tea, jam, island cheese and meat, feel free to come and have a look. In addition, you can go here for information about Oosterend and Terschelling, such as walking - and cycling maps. If you go out, you can take delicious cooled or warm drinks with you for the journey. You can put together your own breakfast or picnic with us to spread out and enjoy the nature that is rich in Oosterend and Terschelling. If you need anything outside opening hours, please call or email us! For everyone, orders placed before 5 p.m. will be delivered the next day. Come visit and experience Oosterend.


Oosterend 8

8897 HZ Oosterend


Opening times


08:15 - 18:00 hour


08:15 - 18:00 hour


08:15 - 18:00 hour


08:15 - 18:00 hour


08:15 - 18:00 hour


08:15 - 18:00 hour


09:00 - 17:00 hour

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VVV Terschelling

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