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On Sunday, January 25, 1903, Captain Morel sailed with his Swedish steamship “the Otto” from Gothenburg towards Manchester with a large cargo of granite on board. The weather was heavy and the ship sank off the coast of Terschelling. The captain and mate were killed. The other 19 people on board (including 2 women) were rescued and brought ashore on Terschelling. Exactly one hundred years later, members of the Terschellinger diving team Ecuador have surfaced 33 large blocks of granite from the wreck. The dimensions vary from 1 to almost 2.5 meters in length and the heaviest blocks weigh over a ton. In 2003 and 2004, the Israeli-Moroccan artist Yaël Artsi worked for a period with some of the 33 blocks of granite. This resulted in six monumental sculptures. It was her idea to create images with maritime elements that refer to the origins and also form a connection with the island. The statues are located at "het lichtje", at the beginning of the Waddendijk, with a beautiful view towards the marina and West-Terschelling.

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