Het eilandgevoel volgens walter visser

The island feeling according to Walter Visser

Walter Visser: Owner of Cleaning Company Bloem and film programmer at the Terschelling Film Festival and TOF (Terschelling Open Air Film Festival)

For Walter, the island feeling has a direct link with the sea, in which he, with a bit of luck, lies every day.

"The longer I live here, the more beautiful I find the island and the more respect I get for the sea. For me, the sea is the island feeling. Even when we go on vacation, we go to an island or at least to a place by the sea."

Paal 7 is for Walter the most beautiful place on Terschelling. "I liked to make my rounds there with our dogs Wilson and Sophie. On top of the dune we looked at the sea, when the weather was nice we dived in for a while and via the beach we walked back. In that spot I have been happy so many times for nothing."

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