Het eilandgevoel volgens marloes fopma

The island feeling according to Marloes Fopma

Marloes Fopma: Creative entrepreneur and story shooter from Terschelling under the name Eilandmeisje

"I experience the island feeling in the vastness, the silence and that I am enormously aware of all the elements here. The wind, sun, rain or for example when it's foggy. But also of the seasons, which you can literally find here in nature."

Marloes has many favorite spots on the island, but at the moment she chooses the mudflats near the Oeltjes, a small salt marsh near Oosterend. "There are beautiful basalt blocks there where I sit for a while every day to study birds. It's a new interest of mine that I'm working on a lot. To be able to be there, that makes me very intensely happy."

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