Het eilandgevoel volgens hille van dieren

The island feeling according to Hille van Dieren

Hille van Dieren: Expert on shipwrecks and -disasters, founder of Terschelling's Wrecks Museum

"To me, the island feeling is the freedom I have when I walk on the beach or when I drive on the beach in my old jeep towards the Boschplaat. The infinite feeling I get there, especially when I'm alone, is amazing. Living on Terschelling gives me a great feeling, I would never want to leave. That feeling is in the genes."

The high dune on the west side of Het Griltjeplak is the most beautiful location of Terschelling, according to Hille. "It is a beautiful dune area where my late wife Hillie also liked to come. When you're on top of the dune you can see Vlieland, the Noordsvaarder, the drifts at pole 3 and you can see as far as pole 8."

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