Activities and excursions on Terschelling

What to do on Terschelling? There are many special activities and excursions to book on Terschelling. Make your stay even more fun and go on a voyage of discovery.

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Active | Excursions and activities

Terschelling is active! The island of Terschelling really invites you to become active: for example on the beach, in the sea, on foot, on horseback or by bike. There are plenty of opportunities to be active and to enjoy our beautiful island at the...
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With the children | Excursions and activities

What is there for children to do on Terschelling? Terschelling is an ideal spot for children. The beach alone is the largest sandbox they could ever have imagined. And what fun to romp through the dunes pretending you are a pirate!  Many...
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Beach | Excursions and activities

Endless beaches The beach of Terschelling is one of the widest beaches of Europe. Along the Norht Seacoast of Terschelling are 5  beach transitions. On the beach of Terschelling you can enjoy and participate in many activities. Have you ever...
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Nature | Excursions and activities

Out and about! On Terschelling, you always know you are on an island. You are never far from the sound of the North Sea and the smell of the Wadden Sea. 80% of Terschelling consists of nature. Terschelling nature is quite diverse; there are...
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Covered wagon trips & horse riding Excursions and activities

Covered wagon trips A covered wagon ride on Terschelling is called 'on' e riid 'on Terschelling. This is the way to get to know the untouched nature of Terschelling. Discover the island feeling together with the boxer, who is always in for a true...
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Wadden and Sea | Excursions and activities

Everywhere on Terschelling you can taste, smell and feel the sea. The island lies between the North Sea and the Wadden Sea. There are numerous excursions with which you can discover this overwhelming nature. Alle activiteiten »
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Typical Terschelling | Activities and Excursions

That is really typical Terschelling! There are plenty of typical Terschelling activities. How about a visit to the real Terschelling folk dancing, a visit to a Terschelling cheese farm or museum? There are also various workshops. But there is much...
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Wellness | Excursions and activities

Relax on Terschelling Relaxing and Terschelling is a very good combination. You can relax on Terschelling in the various wellness occasions. The larger hotels, such as Boschrijck, Schylge, Walvisvaarder and Bornholm have various wellness...
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Sea | Excursions and activities

Terschelling is surrounded by the sea The Wadden Sea - our world heritage site - and the North Sea determine a lot of life on our island. When a storm picks up, jutting on the beach continues to touch the blood. What can you do on the mudflats and...
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