Forestry Commission campsite Hoorn description

Camp between beach and forest with the town of Hoorn in walking distance.  That is spending the night on Nature campsite Hoorn on the Wadden Island Terschelling.  Rabbits joyously jumping between alder, hawthorn and serviceberry. With a little luck you'll also watch the seals swimming.

Camping in the wild

At campsite Hoorn nature comes literally up to your tent. The rabbits are hopping around in the field and nearby is a duck decoy. The nature campsite Hoorn is on the edge of the forest of Hoorn and the beach is within walking distance.

Spacious camping places

Hoorn offers a great sense of freedom.  The spacious camping spaces are spread over four areas and are surrounded by trees.  There is something for everyone: If you come with children, then they will enjoy themselves immensely. There is a play tree which has been self-appointed by children with garland ropes and there is a sand pit on the property. And for those who look for peace will find a more sheltered place on the terrain.

Camping on Terschelling

Terschelling is our middle Wadden island.  It seems only a narrow strip between the North Sea and Wadden Sea, but it has a wealth of nature! Did you know that 80% of the island consists of nature?  From forests, beach and dune valleys to the Boschplaat. An area where almost undisturbed nature take its course. Here you'll find breeding and resting birds of the Wadden Sea. Together with the ranger you can make beautiful walks here.

A trip with the forester.

Our forest ranger Hessel Hek strolls regularly with children about the campsite to show what there is to find.  Several excursions are also offered. Like wild picking and there is a nature barn nearby the campsite where you can view alternating exhibitions about the nature of Terschelling. Do you prefer adventure than you can come on a canoe trip to search for a seal, highly recommended!  Because a common seal is not so common.  His name is special because there is also another seal in the Wadden Sea, the grey seal.  The common seal hunts mainly by touch on fish.  For that he uses his long and highly sensitive whiskers. During the day they often are sunbathing on the sandbanks off the coast. They don't need a lazy chair for that.



  • Type of accommodation: Campsite
  • Number of persons (minimum): 1
  • Number of persons (maximum): 6
  • Number of bathrooms: 1
  • Time of arrival: 15:00
  • Time of departure: 10:00

Map & surrounding area


Hoorn is home to fascinating buildings and inhabitants. Next to 13th-century St John's Church, you see the 'Sjouw'. This ball was hoisted to indicate to farmworkers that is was time for lunch. These days, lunch or dinner can be enjoyed in one of the various catering establishments. One of Hoorn's prominent residents was Jean Dulieu. The writer and artist is the creator of Paulus de Boskabouter (Paulus the Forest Gnome). Nowadays a Kabouterpad (Gnome Trail) can be found on the woodland side. Hoorn is truly a place for both lovers of nature and tranquillity, and those seeking action and fun - with Hessel & Tess in concert for instance. A trip east worthwile.

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