De Kooibosjes

The "Kooibosjes" or decoy bushes are situated near the small village of Hee and are managed by the Forestry Commission.  It's name is probably derived from "eendenkooi": a decoy pond for catching ducks, which was situated here once.

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Duinweg Hee


The area is about 2,5 hectares and consists of wet barren grassland surrounded by alder. In former times these marshy areas were used as hay fields and were called: "mieden".  Now these meadows are full of indigenous plants and herbs.

The grasslands are mown once a year and special plant species grow here, such as:

Heath spotted orchid (Dactylorhiza maculata), marsh violet (Viola palustris), Bogbean (Menyanthes trifoliata), Prickly Sedge (Carex echinata) and others.

You can find the "Kooibosjes" near the cycle path just beyond camping De Kooi, on your right hand side.



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Hee is a small hamlet that lies between the two largest villages on the island: West Terschelling and Midsland. Characteristic is the so called 'Duinmeertje' (a lake between the dunes). The dune lake was formed in 1962 because sand was needed to raise the dike. About eight years later, the lake became operational as a recreational lake and you will find some large campsites and recreational areas!

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