Oerol festival terschelling

Oerol Festival Terschelling

With the island of Terschelling as a source of inspiration and stage for its broad programming, the Oerol festival has a leading artistic profile, in which culture, nature and experimentation are central. At Oerol, nature is combined with, theater, music, visual arts, installations and street theater to make both culture and Terschelling nature central to all aspects of the festival.

This way the public sees the whole spectrum of art and the island of Terschelling at the Oerol festival. The programming consists of 4 parts: medium and large theater performances, passport projects consisting of smaller performances, performances and installations, music performances and daily street theater in the streets of West and Midsland.

Due to the unique programming, natural conditions and the special atmosphere, Oerol has grown into a leading multidisciplinary festival of international fame since its inception in 1982. Every year, more than 55,000 culture lovers visit the festival who encounter innovative and surprising content.

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