Wander tour Terschelling

Stroll along the Noordsvaarder with guide Marianne Wildenberg

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During this wandering walk you will experience the nature of Terschelling in optimal form. From the Green beach to the North Sea coast we cross beautiful wild fields and dunes, with a touch of culture. An adventurous voyage of discovery filled with stories about the creation of the Wadden Sea up to and including the growth of young dunes on the North Sea coast. Are you walking along? We stroll on the Noordsvaarder on the western part of the island. The 650 ha area is a valuable nature area with pioneer vegetation, moist valleys, dunes and extensive sandbanks. It is a beautifully varied area, which also offers plenty of space for breeding and migratory birds. The elements provide a lot of dynamism so that the area is always in motion. The dunes blow and the water flows. And we are allowed to roam through it freely. During the walk we also dive into the history of Terschelling. You will learn more about the cultural heritage of this Wadden island while walking. We start at the Brandaris, the oldest lighthouse in the Netherlands. Immediately afterwards we climb the signal pole dune. During our trip we also pass the largest bunker complex in the Netherlands, the Tiger Proposition, and we roam between the small countries. We return to the cozy West-Terschelling via the only natural bay in the Netherlands. Nature is at its best if you can be surprised by it. The beauty of everything that blooms and grows, light, bird sounds and the (sometimes) unruly elements bring nature to life. And we enjoy it to the full. Stroll walks are therefore ideal for nature lovers. If you're an odometer or just come to chat, this walk probably isn't for you. Because silence and attention to observe ensure that you can experience nature in full glory.



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