Paintball is a unique combination of sports and recreation and is suitable for everyone. Young, old, man, woman, everyone is completely absorbed.

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Paintball-terrein Badweg West aan Zee.

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Reservations for groups of 6 people or more by telephone or email. On Terschelling we offer a unique outdoor paintball concept, in which we have built an all-natural course hidden in the woods in collaboration with Staatsbosbeheer. The obstacles consist of natural materials and the balls are completely biodegradable. Fighting with your friends, family or colleagues together strengthens the mutual bond and team spirit.


There are several variants for paintball on Terschelling. The best known is "Capture the Flag", where you and your team have to capture the opponent's flag. In addition, there is "Center Flag", where you first have to raise the flag in the middle of the track without getting hit. Or "VIP" where a VIP must be brought straight through the opponent's lines without being hit. In consultation with our instructors, many more game forms can be realized. It is also possible to organize an exclusive paintball tournament for your group. Inform us of your wishes, we are happy to think along with you.

From MooiWeer you will receive a mask, a paintball weapon, a starter pack of 50 balls and an overall. In addition, we recommend comfortable clothing and shoes that can get dirty.



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